• Paola Napolitano

It's official, I am a CMA!!!!

I am proud to announce since May 2018 I have finally been recognised as a LIMS® Certified Movement Analysts (CMAs)!

The LIMS® Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies is a Graduate-level program accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD) and consists of in-depth courses of study in four interrelated areas: Laban Movement Analysis Theory (LMA), Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF), Observation and Notation and Seminar, as well as the Certification Project.

My final project involved a collaboration with a writer and facilitating a workshop as means to support my Movement Analysis and Synthesis. If you want to know more about the certification programs and philosophy of the Laban Bartenieff Institute, please visit their website

This invaluable and life-changing journey would not have been possible without the precious encouragement of my family members and friends, as well as the incredible guidance and support I have received from my faculties Laura Cox and Karen Studd, Moving Forth and Dancers’ Career Development (DCD) whom I will always be grateful to.

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